My GCSE Options...

* Maths , English & Tripe Science

* History , ICT & French

* Religious Education (Compulsory)

I no longer have a Google+ account and my sketch blog is unactive :)

Umaira & Sumaria My Old School Friends Follow Them uzzy1999 (Tumblr) for Umaira Right & Sumariaxx for Sumaira (Left) I can tell the difference Hurray 

Most Favorite Manga/Anime of all times is Black Butler

I'm also a gamer, & the game I Love the most is probably Tekken 5/6 & My Fav Character is Xiaoyu Ling. I Also Love Resident Evil (4)

Hi / Konichuwa / Assalam O Alaikum

I'm a Muslim Girl who Absolutely adores Anime/Manga (& Google+) unfortunately for me Tumblr died (except my sketch blog), it seriously didn't work so, I've decided to try this as my blog... 

If You have No Idea Of Who I Am, Your Probably thinking idiot or (Baka in Japanese... Yes I Know Japanese) You Have To Go On My Google+ Account....

- I'm not sure if your interested but ...

My Fav Youtubers : iisuperwomanii (An Inspiration...) &  +Madhavi Mandhar (Google+ Friend & YouTuber)

My Fav Celebrity : Tom Hiddleston (Loki in Thor & Avengers)

My Fav Tumblr : Uzzy1999 (My Old School Friend)

My Fav Google (er): +WAJAHAT SPARDA (Always Likes/  Comments on All of my Posts)

Scandal (Favorite Band)